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  • Ideale2010


    An innovative, complete, and effective ERP

    for management of logistics, production, and distribution processes.


  • Ideale WebAccess

    Ideale WebAccess

    The Ideale Web Access application enables to benefit from the ERP’s interface http procedures. It supports the most popular browsers which are present on the market.


  • Ideale EAM

    Ideale EAM

    Ideale EAM offers a valid support for regularly planned  interventions and maintenance, as well as for those of the extraordinary nature.


  • Visual Tailor

    Visual Tailor

    Visual Tailor is a product configurator, which allows the autonomous development of the rules of configuration for complex items, both regarding the technical as well as the commercial aspects. An interesting dualism of the Interface, both the Winform as well as the Web form.


  • Ideale SFA

    Ideale SFA

    Ideale Sales Force Automation is a solution for the automation of the commercial processes on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.


  • Ideale Mobile

    Ideale Mobile

    The logistics’ WMS is applied to a Windows Mobile 6.0 and subsequent devices. It manages the Inventory, Loading Units, Shipping, Production Advancement as well as many other…


  • Supervisor


    It is a Business Process Management application, integrated in the ERP. The Supervisor allows the creation of a script which controls and monitors the most critical processes and notifies the potential exceptions within the competence roles.